Global IoT Day Event

Am 9. April 2015 findet im FH Technikum Wien der Global IoT Day Event statt: ein Tag mit Refereten und Präsentationen rund um das “Internet of Things and Services”  (European Internet of Things Conference).

gide LogoWith this event, the organizers want to bring people, companies, universities and institutions together to share their knowledge, experience, resources and contacts to improve the cooperation in the field of IoT in Europe. Plus, we want to make the thriving IoT communities visible to the public: Ideas, know-how, experts and companies are found not only overseas, but also right here in Europe, and Vienna is one of the hot spots.

Instandhaltung 4.0 wird beim Global IoT Day in Wien mit einem Talk von Projektleiter Georg Güntner zum Thema „Maintenance meets IoT“ vertreten sein.

Weitere Informationen und Abmeldung: